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SMASHBACK does no more work online in the original version that we still have. The game was invented 2004 by subwave Internet (D.Schulthess, actionscript programmer was Yan Graf) and very successful on the internet, played by 1000s of gamers daily.

We wanted to make a simple (as Tetris or Arkanoid) but addictive game, and that it is!

Soon the game was 'hacked' (although never commercial) - database results hacked, game decompiled and spread on the net in hundreds of gaming platforms without any info about us, the authors.

Until today, you can find it everywhere, also with changed name etc - see for example

But often no more working coz of faulty flash detection or partly not working (no new layers appear so the game is boring. The game was also programmed for te slower processors of 2005..

The new version for Android and MAC is almost finished - and will also be online playable with the UNITY plugin.

--> In a few days/weeks! (12-02-14)


2014-10 :: SMASHBACK is currently getting re-programmed and coming out soon as App for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets - Watch out !












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